Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling all FGP members... I need your help

This is my S.O.S. to all my FGP clan... I've been told I need to gain weight- so this is our chance. When in our lives have we ever been told to go home and drink milkshakes and have no regard for calories? I can promise you no one has ever said that to me... until this past Tuesday.

So Tuesday I go in for my routine ob appointment... she measures my uterus- it's measuring 2 weeks behind. She shows little concern until she also realizes I've gained no weight in over 3 weeks (normally women gain 1-2 lbs a week in their 3rd trimester)... I've also gained less than 10 lbs total for the entire pregnancy. She's still not overly concerned but orders an ultrasound of baby boy anyways just to check on his growth. She then starts talking to me about nutrition... to which I'm honest- I doubt I'm eating enough, but quite honestly everything makes me ill... So she proceeds to tell me that I need to just go home and eat whatever I want whenever I can- and suggests milkshakes. Gosh I wish I could take her up on that offer... but with my gastric bypass surgery I have a feeling I would be so sick beyond belief if I drank a milkshake- I'd probably lose another 10 lbs with how sick I'd get.

Anyways, I've felt like crap all week... baby boy is constantly kicking me- hard. I'm also having a fair amount of contractions- most of which happen when I'm moving around. And I feel like I've got a bowling ball in my... well... you know. It's just not comfortable. I feel like an absolute sloth because all I've been doing lately is sitting, eating, sleeping and working (from bed).

But on the other hand I'm in major nesting mode as well... so one minute I feel like I'm channeling my inner sloth and the next minute I'm feeling accomplished (and like I'm about to go into labor from the contractions I get from standing too long, LOL).

Anyways, I have my ultrasound today and the tech was as sweet as can be... but again, we end up with a new tech who is so slow (yet thorough). We're there over an hour just doing a growth scan. I have no clue how she came to the conclusion that she thought everything seemed fine... but she told me that she felt like everything was ok. We were able to glance at her measurements... his head is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead (who's surprised???) and the rest of him is measuring 1-1.5 weeks behind. I'm assuming we're just going to have a smaller baby with a huge head (which we've been expecting)- doesn't he just sound adorable??? LOL

I'm still in my internet posting funk... I'm a stranger to most of my regular blogs, message boards, etc... I'm still here and I read everything everyone is writing- but it's just really taken a lot to get me to even want to hit the "reply" or "post" button.

So in conclusion I'm on a mission to eat more... I can't eat anything too high in fat or sugar content due to my surgery. Protein drinks make me want to throw up, so those are pretty much out... though I'm trying VERY hard to do them. Any suggestions are appreciated... I think.

... oh, and a special prize to any non-FGP member who can tell me what FGP stands for, LOL.


Heidi said...

What about some coconut products? I'm wondering if they might be higher in Calories... They're probably higher in sugar, but it's not like white table sugar... I don't know the rules for people after this sort of procedure.

I know we LOVE quinoa at our house. It's a grain that's a bit higher in protein. We cook it like rice and add in black beans, tomatoes, and southwest or mexicorn with a "dressing" of olive oil/lime juice. It's super tasty. I'm not sure about the overall Calorie content, though.

T- said...

Wow. In a perfect world, I'd be told to gain weight, but that's NEVER gonna happen. I'm sorry it is a struggle for you, though.


I don't consider you a 'stranger' btw!

ツ αngie said...

Food Guide Pyramid? lol

Cate said...

Fat Girl Posse
Try doing the full fat version of everything like yogurt, butter, milk, salad dressing, etc. Get some protein powder from the health food store and add it to fruit smoothies instead of milkshakes. Drink those ensure milkshakes between meals. Look on some websites for tricks that runners use to add calories during races. I know a lot of the long distance runners use calorie dense bars and gels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda: I've been keeping up with you (mostly thru Beth) but when I read this I wanted to post. When I was pregnant w/the twins I craved coke floats for some reason maybe if milkshakes don't sound good ice cream and some coke? also go to Baskin Robbins if you have them there they are suppose to have the highest calorie type ice cream treats--somethng like 2600 calories in one! good luck and hang in there:)

Lisa said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm FGP:
French Giant Papillian (a breed of rabits)

Food Guide Pyramid *(as previous poster mentioned)

F***ing Good Pie! That's it! It's about all those wonderful pies at Rick's Dessert Diner. That's your answer...LOL

What about Avocados? Could you do a bunch of Guacamole on some guiltless gourmet tortilla chips? That has fat, but it's good fat.