Saturday, January 31, 2009

White boy meets hip hop

His "mean hip hop face" has sort of evolved into a strange/unique hip hop face, LOL- notice the incredibly red cheeks?

Deacon is the second (or third?) in line, his teacher is the first in line.

Deacon's recital was today- during naptime. So I've been so nervous about how he would do- which was DUMB of me. Of course my child was fine- he had a great time... he was incredibly red faced and had bags under his eyes by the time his class started dancing, but it didn't stop him from gettin' down.

He's the youngest kid in his class and has SO much fun- he absolutely adores his friends and his teacher, Ms. April.

I'm absolutely embarrassed with the pictures I took- but it was so dark in the auditorium, so that's my excuse. But the video was super cute... so enjoy that. Keep in mind that these kids are ages 3-5, LOL.

34 weeks!

29 weeks

31 weeks

34 weeks

I've been tagged...

*I am: waiting for Damien so we can go to bed... I can hardly keep my eyes open
*I want: to sleep through the night without waking up
*I have: a really really funny little boy
*I dislike: how cluttered and disorganized and messy my house is right now... it's stressing me out
*I miss: sleeping... and my friends and family in Ohio ;-)
*I fear: oh gosh... a lot. Um, we'll go with the biggies- birds, bugs, someone breaking into my house, flying
*I feel: really lucky
*I hear: Deacon's humidifier over the baby monitor
*I crave: nothing right now... I'm so stuffed from eating crap all day.
*I cry: a lot... I'm incredibly emotional and cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, etc...
*I usually: take a lot more pictures than I have been doing lately
*I search: for ways to motivate myself to be more organized
*I wonder: when I'll truly figure out the name of this baby... I think I know, but I'm always doubting myself.
*I regret: buying this house
*I love: my bed
*I care: about every student I work with
*I always: check my email multiple times a day
*I worry: a lot less than I used to
*I am not: patient... at all.
*I remember: not much lately
*I believe: that people are inherently good
*I dance: a lot in my car
*I sing: like a superstar when no one is listening
*I don't always: get my way
*I argue: a lot.
*I write: sloppily... I wish I had prettier handwriting.
*I win: whenever Damien and I play the alphabet game in the car.
*I wish: that jobs all over the country were more stable than they are.
*I listen: to Britney Spears new CD a lot... trashy, I know, but I love it.
*I don't understand: a lot of stuff... just ask Damien
*I can usually be found: on my laptop
*I need: to sleep... now
*I forget: a lot... I have a HORRIBLE memory. I always forget to get people things, especially when they ask for pictures I've taken of their kids...
*I am happy: about a lot of things in my life... but right now I'm happy because it's time to go to bed :)

I tag: Cate, Stephen (who never blogs, so I'm hoping this fun survey brings him out of the wood work) & Tara

Friday, January 30, 2009

So happy...

Damien came home last night and I am SO thankful for that. Fortunately I've felt so much better today than I did on Wednesday and even yesterday, but it was nice knowing he was in town just in case.

In the mornings Deacon usually wakes up and crawls into bed with us around 6:00 a.m. (I have no clue how we ended up with such a morning baby) and for the past few days he obviously just gets in bed with me... well this morning he was really shocked and quite excited to see that he had to crawl over daddy to get to me :)

And I'll tell you what- bedtime routine is twice as crazy when Damien is here... I don't know what it is about the two of them together, but I'll tell you what, I was constantly saying, "quiet voices!... gentle hands!... please calm down!... make good decisions!"- and I wasn't just saying it to Deacon! But that's ok... at least it is for tonight.

In other baby news... I don't think I mentioned in my previous update that my doctor has me doing non-stress tests now two times a week until the baby is born. It's standard for gastric bypass patients as well as babies who are measuring small... hooray for us. So today was my first NST- I was told it could last anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Well, wouldn't you know it, this baby put on quite the show and did all he needed to do in less than 20 minutes (though we had to stay hooked up the entire 20 minutes)- his crazy movements really paid off today, and the nurse could not stop laughing at how much he moved around.

A real challenge

So I have a lot of goals... 101 to be exact. One of them is to not eat out for an entire month. My jaw about hit the floor when I actually typed that out as one of my goals- I couldn't believe I was actually saying that at some point I would attempt something so absurd. Well, thank God for good friends because I honestly don't know when I would have ever been inspired to complete this goal of mine had it not been for Dawn... who tried not eating out for a week and was very successful- so successful that she decided she wanted to try a whole month too. So we decided we'd do this together.

The rules are simple... no eating out. This includes side trips to Jamba Juice, Starbucks, a muffin at the grocery store (I do this a lot with Deacon), ice cream from Big Spoon (oh my gosh a whole month???!!!), etc...

I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit nervous about doing this for an entire month. Thankfully February is a short month, LOL. I've planned out all our meals for the month and am making sure I'm well prepared. The goal is to save money this month so I'm also being very aware of buying unnecessary items at the store.

The challenge starts on Sunday and runs through February!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Settling down?

... so I'm not too convinced that the no t.v. during bedtime routine has helped settle him down much. HOWEVER, I will say that the added family time is 100 times nicer than t.v. time. Bedtime routine is much shorter now, which is also an added bonus. I will say, however, that we have had fewer arguments since the no t.v. rule started- we've cut out arguing over what show he can watch, how long he can watch the show, etc... So while he's still a bit overly energized still, the no t.v. rule has definitely improved our quality of life ;-)

So anyways... time for an update!- it's been forever!

Damien left for a business trip on Sunday night- I've been dreading this trip since we found out about it. I don't do well home alone... I'm a BIG baby and every noise at night is cause for me to panic- thank God for burglar alarms.

One of my big concerns was Milo- he's used to 2 walks a day, both of which need to be pretty fast paced. Well, I'm not at a place where I can walk "fast" so I knew we needed to figure out something- so we asked the owners of the doggy spa we take Milo to and they recommended a dog walker for us. Oh.My.Gosh. This guy is AMAZING. He comes to our house everyday and walks Milo for 30-45 minutes. Milo loves him and actually cries when he leaves, LOL. Milo is going to be disappointed when daddy starts to walk him again ;-)

Deacon and I have been having a really good week- up until yesterday. On Tuesday night I started getting some Gallbladder irritations and was just not feeling great- but no major GB attack. Well, Wednesday was horrible. Anytime I ate something I had a GB attack... and the pathetic thing was that I didn't put two and two together until about 6 p.m. I didn't realize I was making everything worse by eating- esp since I wasn't eating anything high in fat. By the time I got Deacon around 4:45 I was so much in pain that when Tanier asked if I was ok I burst into tears... she was so sweet and made me promise I'd call her if I needed her to come get Deacon- which made me cry even more knowing that she would do that for me. I told Deacon I wasn't feeling well and he needed to be a really good boy last night... I bribed him with t.v. watching, cookies, marshmallows, junk food for dinner- basically everything he LOVES. Well, it worked- he was an angel. Around 6:30 I called my ob/gyn because at that point I had been in constant pain for about 6.5 hours. She asked if I could come in to the hospital... to which I said, I could, but I'd prefer not to since I had my 3 year old. So she told me to stop eating and drinking (all but water)- and if that didn't stop the pain within a couple of hours I needed to just find a way to get into the hospital. Thank GOD her advice worked- 2.5 hours later I was in significantly less pain. I got very little sleep because I was still so uncomfortable, but it was much more manageable. Anyways, today I took it really easy with everything I ate- I can tell my GB is not very happy because everytime I eat I get twinges of pain.

In all of this I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning (pre-pain) and everything looks pretty good. She's a bit concerned with the contractions I'm having so she prescribed some muscle relaxant- and if that doesn't stop the contractions I have to go in. I'm supposed to take it if I have 5 or more contractions an hour... which has only happened twice, so I'm not too concerned.

Baby boy IS measuring smaller than average, though she's not concerned. I find it really funny that he's measuring so much smaller than Deacon- because I'm just as uncomfortable with him as I was with Deacon- and Deacon was HUGE! This baby is still SO very active... which is uncomfortable but oddly I'm getting used to it.

My good friend, Jennifer, had her baby two days ago- I'm SO excited to meet him... but it makes me so nervous because it means that we are so incredibly close to having our baby. I cannot believe we're 6 weeks away from our due date!!! Anyways, CONGRATS Jennifer, Mike, Nicholas and Dillon :)

Anyways, this was SO long... so congrats if you made it this far :)

Cloth diapering... a monkey

So I'm still practicing CD'ing (cloth diapering) with good ole Monkey. He's really a good sport and model... but I'm starting to wish I had a real baby to "practice" on at this point. I can't imagine baby boy is going to be as still and patient as Monkey has been throughout this process.

Anyways, a lot of people really urged me to try the old fashioned prefold (now on referred to as "pf's") diapers... I was hesitant so I just bought half a dozen for super cheap off a friend I know. They've been sitting in the drawer for months and the other night I pulled one out so Damien and I could figure out how to put one on... well, wouldn't you know it, DAMIEN figured it out in all of 5 seconds- no tutorial or anything, LOL. I tried and it was SO simple. I feel like we're missing something here... but it was super easy peasy.

So tonight I put Monkey back in his pf diaper and covered it with one of the covers my mom made :) SUPER cute!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunday... SUNDAY... SUNDAY!!!... (well, actually Friday)

Friday evening, Deacon went to his first Monster Truck Jam... which also happened to be my first.  One of our family friends, Cory, was taking his son and asked if we wanted to go too.... Actually his wife told him to go and my wife threw me under the Monster Truck... er, offered Deacon and me as moral support.  So Thursday at lunch time, I ran to Lowes and purchased ear protection (muffs for Deacon and plugs for me) and started psyching myself up for the event.

To be honest, it was alot more fun than I expected, though that's not saying much.  Deacon actually enjoyed it quite a bit, which I think was the biggest surprise of the night considering it started AT his bedtime... and he;s generally afraid of loud noises (like the toilet, let alone 1500 horse-power engines).

When we got home at 10PM (with the requesite GraveDigger HotWheels toy in hand), Deacon was still totally amped up.  But Amanda made him lay down and relax for 1 story and he barely made it back to his bed conscious.

All-in-all, I'd say the evening was a pretty big success...

Update:  Just to clear up any confusion, I did kinda have fun... but don't tell anyone. ;-)

Deacon getting his "Monster Face" (and ear protection) on with Cory at his side.

Our favorite: "The GRAVEDIGGER"

A red-cheeked Deacon atop a car destined for demolition at the next evening's event.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New bedtime routine

Deacon bowing after he won

A couple of my friends have really inspired me to look at how much t.v. I let Deacon watch- I never really viewed t.v. as a problem for us to be honest with you. He doesn't watch too much and most of the time when he's watching t.v. he's more pre-occupied with his toys- so the t.v. is more background noise. Occasionally he'll zone out, which I think is fine on occasion, especially after a long day.

Anyways, lately I've been *really* frustrated with how our bedtime routine has been going... Deacon is insanely wound up, the entire routine takes forever and a lot of time we are reminding him that the choices he's making affect how the rest of the night will turn out. Well, after talking to these friends of mine I started thinking... could t.v. be affecting how Deacon is acting at bedtime?

Well, I don't know the official, long term, answer... but we're sure to find out soon. My new plan of action is that when he gets home from school he can watch t.v. until dinner is on the table ready to eat- after that, no more t.v. Tonight this new plan kind of surprised him... but he was ok with it. We decided to swap t.v. time with family game time tonight and we had a really nice time. We played Dora Candyland and Dora Memory tonight- Deacon won a few times, as did daddy... I didn't win at all.

He definitely seems to have calmed down easier tonight and there were no fights... but he's still stalling and having issues with that. But we'll see where this takes us, it's definitely worth the shot.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling all FGP members... I need your help

This is my S.O.S. to all my FGP clan... I've been told I need to gain weight- so this is our chance. When in our lives have we ever been told to go home and drink milkshakes and have no regard for calories? I can promise you no one has ever said that to me... until this past Tuesday.

So Tuesday I go in for my routine ob appointment... she measures my uterus- it's measuring 2 weeks behind. She shows little concern until she also realizes I've gained no weight in over 3 weeks (normally women gain 1-2 lbs a week in their 3rd trimester)... I've also gained less than 10 lbs total for the entire pregnancy. She's still not overly concerned but orders an ultrasound of baby boy anyways just to check on his growth. She then starts talking to me about nutrition... to which I'm honest- I doubt I'm eating enough, but quite honestly everything makes me ill... So she proceeds to tell me that I need to just go home and eat whatever I want whenever I can- and suggests milkshakes. Gosh I wish I could take her up on that offer... but with my gastric bypass surgery I have a feeling I would be so sick beyond belief if I drank a milkshake- I'd probably lose another 10 lbs with how sick I'd get.

Anyways, I've felt like crap all week... baby boy is constantly kicking me- hard. I'm also having a fair amount of contractions- most of which happen when I'm moving around. And I feel like I've got a bowling ball in my... well... you know. It's just not comfortable. I feel like an absolute sloth because all I've been doing lately is sitting, eating, sleeping and working (from bed).

But on the other hand I'm in major nesting mode as well... so one minute I feel like I'm channeling my inner sloth and the next minute I'm feeling accomplished (and like I'm about to go into labor from the contractions I get from standing too long, LOL).

Anyways, I have my ultrasound today and the tech was as sweet as can be... but again, we end up with a new tech who is so slow (yet thorough). We're there over an hour just doing a growth scan. I have no clue how she came to the conclusion that she thought everything seemed fine... but she told me that she felt like everything was ok. We were able to glance at her measurements... his head is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead (who's surprised???) and the rest of him is measuring 1-1.5 weeks behind. I'm assuming we're just going to have a smaller baby with a huge head (which we've been expecting)- doesn't he just sound adorable??? LOL

I'm still in my internet posting funk... I'm a stranger to most of my regular blogs, message boards, etc... I'm still here and I read everything everyone is writing- but it's just really taken a lot to get me to even want to hit the "reply" or "post" button.

So in conclusion I'm on a mission to eat more... I can't eat anything too high in fat or sugar content due to my surgery. Protein drinks make me want to throw up, so those are pretty much out... though I'm trying VERY hard to do them. Any suggestions are appreciated... I think.

... oh, and a special prize to any non-FGP member who can tell me what FGP stands for, LOL.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad that Grandma is leaving...

And it's crazy to think that the next time she'll be here we'll be really close to having a baby!!! YIKES!

Grandma & Me

Deacon has been really big into building forts lately... well, having Grandma build him forts I should say. Almost everyday when he'd get home from school she'd make him his favorite milkshake (more like a fruit smoothie) and he'd drink it in his homemade fort. Spoiled much? But I guess that's what Grandparents are for, right?- plus I can't complain, it gave me tons of free time to have her spoiling him while I either got stuff done or slept.

Grandma is also really good at cleaning ceiling fans... so good in fact, that we save that job just for her.

I was a good boy on the plane...

I flew to UCLA this past Friday... my last trip until after the baby is here, thank God. This time around I actually rented a car instead of dealing with Super Shuttle- and it made the world of difference. I do not care about driving in LA traffic in rush hour... just keep me the hell out of a super shuttle and I'm happy. My flight home was interesting- we all know I hate flying. Well, I can honestly say that this experience is why I hate flying. It was so turbulent... we got no drinks and no snacks (NO SNACKS?!?!). It was the bumpiest ride I have been on in a long time and I haven't prayed so much in such a short amount of time in a long time. I think I said about 50 Hail Mary's, 50 prayers to my Guardian Angel and the remainder of the time asked God to make my death quick.

When I got off the plane and Deacon was there with flowers I asked him why he got me flowers... and he said it was because I was a good boy on the airplane. That made it all better.


Deacon loves his name... loves to spell it, loves to say it, loves everything about it. I know we did well naming him. So needless to say he loves his name spelled on his wall- the novelty has not worn off of how much he loves these letters.

Well, my mom and I had this great idea of painting them to match the rest of his room... and when he walked in his room and saw those blue and gold letters he was FLOORED. Seriously I knew he'd be excited, but he about fell over.

I love reactions like that...

31'ish weeks pregnant

The Nursery

I took some pictures of the nursery today- nothing is really where it should be or completely put away because we still need to paint. But everything is made and ready to go- the quilt, valences, basket liners, crib sheet, crib skirt, crib bumper, etc... It's all so gorgeous and what makes it even more amazing is that my mom made it all. Deacon can say he has an amazingly made toy box made by his daddy and this baby has an entire nursery made by Grandma :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lowering standards...

Ok folks... we're all going to have to lower our standards here a bit. Not only do I have no desire to take pictures, I have no desire to post on my blog- which leads to a very neglected and boring blog life. So maybe if we all set lower standards we'll be much happier, LOL.

But now that I'm here I might as well do a brief update... which, unfortunately, will not include pictures- mainly because I haven't taken a single picture since the beginning of January (this isn't helping my case for wanting a new camera lens, is it?).

So what's been going on with us?

  • I'm still pregnant. I'm at that point, however, where I'm so uncomfortable and wishing I wasn't pregnant... and these feelings are made 100 times worse by the fact that I have 9 more weeks to go.
  • The baby is more active than I could ever have imagined a baby being. It was cute at first... but now it just plain hurts. While it's a cool party trick, I wish he'd sleep a little bit more.
  • I'm big. I've got the pictures to prove it. Maybe I'll show you later.
  • My friends threw me a wonderful baby shower... We all got together at California Pizza Kitchen for me and our friend Jennifer (who is due a month before me) and had a wonderful time. I have such amazing friends. No one took pictures though... thank goodness there is no documentation of me drinking a diet coke and eating soft cheese.
  • The nursery is almost done... Damien just needs to paint it.
  • Deacon LOVES having Grandma here- he's spoiled beyond belief and I look forward to her leaving so I can deal with the aftermath of a child who no longer gets treated like a little prince.
  • Having my mom here has been an amazing help these past few weeks- I've gotten so much ready for the baby and I'm well rested (well, as well rested as I can be).
  • Damien is going on a business trip at the end of January... for a week. Not only am I unhappy about this from a personal standpoint, but I'm also a bit confused how the University can justify spending so much money when the budget is as messed up as it is. But that's an entirely different rant.
  • Baby no-name *might* actually have a name... but don't worry, we're not going to share it with you all until he's born. That way, if I change my mind again, I won't have to listen to any of you complaining about my indecisiveness.
  • I'm mastering the art of sewing and couldn't be happier... just recently I made some baby legs and think I'm pretty amazing for doing so.

So there's my update. Maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated and take some pictures- my belly, the nursery, Deacon... the usual.

Until then, I hope this will suffice... Lord knows I might not be back for a week.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A year in review... blogger style

I stole this idea from a friend of mine ... I thought it was a really neat way to look back at 2008, but unlike her, I'm unable to narrow it down to just one post :)

Day 319 ... "Today was supposed to be my due date..."
Day 293 ... "Obama got 38% of the democratic vote..."
Day 292 part 2 ... "Congrats on making it through the first month..."

Day 342 ... "I caught Milo playing with one of my favorite sweaters today..."
Day 333 ... "GOBAMA!!! 8 IN A ROW!"
Day 328 ... "Our new discipline tactic"

Day 14, March 28 ... "Reason number 3,482 why I love my husband..."
Day 13, March 27 ... "Our neighbors think my mom is the homeless woman we hired to take care of Deacon"

Day 44, April 27 ... "Since my mom stayed an extra week we were able to take Deacon and go to Damien's baseball game."
Day 38, April 21 ... "So I asked my mom if she would teach me how to sew..."
Day 23, April 6 ... "I'm NOT Jose! I'm Deacon!"

Day 78, May 31 ... "Today we had Deacon's birthday party..."
Day 75, May 28 ... "Happy Birthday baby..."
Day 58, May 11 ... "Happy Mothers Day"
Day 53, May 6 ... "Happy Birthday Milo-Dog"

Day 102, June 25 ... "I got a new job!"
Day 92, June 15 ... "Happy Fathers Day"
Day 85, June 7 ... "Today was Angie's shower..."

Day 136, July 29 ... "... Right away found that fluttering grain of rice"
Day 135, July 28 ... "Swim at your own risk"
Day 134, July 27 ... "Today was Katie's baby shower..."

Day 166, August 28 ... "This is the part of the dance where they rap"
Day 151, August 13 ... "We got to see the baby again!"
Day 150, August 12 ... "Today we flew back home to California..."
Day 148, August 10 ... "Probably one of my favorite days so far"
Day 144, August 6 ... "Goodbye to Grammy, Grumpy and Banana"
Day 140, August 2 ... "Lord knows I would have run screaming if one came near me"

Day 183, September 14 ... "Today we went to the circus with Dawn and Aiden"
Day 176, September 7 ... "Today Uncle Derek left"
"It's a boy"
What's an action figure?"

"Our boys"
"I love a productive day..."
Carving pumpkins...
"Damien was very excited about his Spiderman cake..."

"Deacon was excited about decorating the Christmas Tree"
"Happy Black Friday!"
"We quickly learned that Milo is no longer scared of water..."
"How quickly it all goes by..."

One year later...
They must be a closely knit community...
Do not make Christmas cut-out cookies with a 3 year old
I have an amazing husband...
Riding the bullet train
Here's to a new year and new blessings...