Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool outfit, huh???

Grammy & Grumpy got Deacon this SUPER cool Transformers track suit for Christmas... and he LOVE LOVE LOVES it.  I've never seen him so excited over sweat pants and a sweat shirt, LOL.

Thanks Grammy & Grumpy... he's one cool kid in his stylish outfit :)

I've got a cool track suit too!!!

Playing train with Zac and the laundry basket

Yep... this is fun!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 years ago today...

New Site URL

Happy Anniversary to us! Hard to believe it's been 6 years! While our main gift to each other is spending some quality time together, I couldn't help but give Amanda a small, but quite geeky, gift. If you look up in your address bar, you'll notice that the blog address is now http://www.loveumorethananything.com (no more blogspot). While the old URL will still work, all you need to remember is loveumorethananything.com now.

Here's to many more years to come.... and probably quite a few more geeky gifts.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with friends...

I've said it a million times... but I'll say it again-- we are so lucky to have such amazing friends. This afternoon we went over to Dawn & Cory's house for playtime and dinner. It was such a fun way to spend the day. Dawn wins for most loved gift for the littlest amount of money spent-- she bought the boys these foam sword things... they LOVED them- and as you can see, even Cory got in on the action.

Thanks, friends, for such a fun day...
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Merry Christmas from Uncle Derek

We've got a Bengals fan in the family... so our boys are sporting their new Bengals attire courtesey of their favorite Uncle Derek :)
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Chrsitmas Morning

Wearing our new Christmas jammies

Deacon and Zac had a wonderful Christmas... Deacon let me know that Santa brought him "everything" he could "possibly want." HA! Two favorites were the Hot Wheels Scooter and the Nerf Wii Game. Zachary got the Laugh & Learn Home and a couple other little things... but quite honestly he was more interested in what Deacon was playing with.

A very successful Christmas here in the Eversmann household... all that was missing was our Ohio family.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Unfortunately I didn't get a great picture of the two boys with Santa-- Deacon was very distracted and didn't want to pay much attention to the fact that I was trying to get the perfect picture :) (the nerve, right?) It's so funny because Santa is definitely like a celebrity to Deacon... so he just sits there in awe. Zac was perfectly ok with Santa- in fact, he LOVED him... though I think it might have helped that seemed to "know" Santa :)
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A boy and his sink...

This is the trick my mom taught me very early on, when Deacon was young and fussy... when all else fails, get 'em naked and put him in the sink... So tonight when Zac was being grumpalump I remembered the trick and put him in the sink.  While he didn't enjoy it as much as Deacon always did, he had a pretty good time.

Zac update

So as I stated a few posts back... Zac has quite a few new "tricks" up his little sleeves.  I thought I would try and document them here for you--

First off, he loves to YELL.  He yells all.the.time.  Just stands there yelling... and then laughing at himself occasionally.  So we've all started yelling back at him-- which he thinks is pretty funny (most of the time)... though originally he was quite taken aback by it all.

He's also feeding himself now!!!  I can't believe he's old enough to do this... it baffles me.  He loves to feed himself though- which is also something Deacon NEVER did this early.  Zac LOVES cheerios and veggie straws (you know, the "healthy" chips, right mom?).

Zac LOVES the Christmas tree and spends a good amount of time pulling off all the bottom ornaments... thank goodness for cloth ornaments :)

Zac is quite the big help... but more importantly, he is quite mobile and loves to pull himself up on everything.  The other day Damien was setting up the t.v. and Zac insisted on helping

And lastly- I think it's time to put in the baby gate by the stairs...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Card 2009

Since I'm assuming most (if not all) of you have received your card by now, I thought I would post the official 2009 Holiday Card...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Singin' in the rain

We are taking full advantage of our rainy days... and our shiny new rain boots (thanks Grandma)... and not feeling the need to change out of our jammies before we go on walks in the rain :)

(we like taking pictures of ourselves with the timer)

Cute baby...

Zac is getting so big.  He's 9 months old now and moving around all over the place.  He loves to pull himself up onto everything and walk (assisted) along the furniture and all his toys.  As good as he is about pulling himself up and cruising all over the place, he's not very good at getting back down... so he just stands there and yells at us until we help him.

Putting up & decorating the tree

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feast day of St. Nicholas

We were very excited to wake up this morning to find that St. Nicholas remembered to come to our house and leave presents in our shoes!  Deacon got to his before I got a chance to take a picture-- but St. Nick brought him a DVD and a new ornament.  Zachary got a new piggy and a rattle.  Deacon was really excited to show Zac what St. Nick brought... I think Deacon was probably more excited than Zac, LOL.