Monday, December 8, 2008

Why do we even try?

So the other night we decided to take a "dark ride" (as Deacon likes to call night time rides) to look at some of the Christmas lights. We decided to make it a family affair and even bring Milo. Well, the minute we got in the car Deacon insisted on watching a movie - which we agreed to thinking once he saw some Christmas lights and decorations he wouldn't care if we turned it off... wrong assumption mom & dad! Within 5 minutes of getting in the car Milo started crying for us to open the windows (mind you it's close to 45 degrees outside- freezing for Sacramento)... so we agreed because we could turn up the heat and just didn't want to hear the crying. That's pretty much how the whole car ride went... Deacon complaining that we were bothering him and not letting him hear his movie and Milo whining that the window wasn't open or crying that he wasn't outside taking a walk.

It was such a nice family activity...

Oh, and more about the tomatoes- I have no clue how they've survived... we certainly don't take care of them but they keep growing and growing! There are a ton more on the vines outside!!! The worst part about this is that we don't eat tomatoes!!! We planted this for Deacon to have fun growing a couple of tomatoes!!!

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Martha said...

LOL -- If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!