Saturday, December 13, 2008


We went over to Karla's house tonight and Santa stopped by for a visit! The kids LOVED it. Deacon was apprehensive at first and hid in the kitchen... he was all smiles and I think he hid because he was embarrassed that he was scared. But once I carried him in the room he was fine and loved it. Santa brought all the kids a present too- and even though Deacon asked Santa for an Incredible Hulk (which we knew he would) he got a Cars Mack Truck... and was SO excited.

After Santa left we decorated (those darned) Christmas cookies, played and ate dinner... a fun night for kids and parents :)


T- said...

I love it! Great Santa!

Kristin said...

Hey! Hope you're doing well. Angie said you were asking about my lenses. I figured I'd just leave ya a message instead of having her try to remember them! One is the kit lens that came with the Canon Xsi (18-55mm). I use it for most general everyday stuff. The other is a Tamron 28-300mm and its AWESOME as well! I definitely recommend it, it's a great range. I use it a lot outside, and it even has image stabilization which you definitely need at that zoom. Hope that helps! :)

Heather said...

That's great. I can't even get Aiden to THINK about sitting in Santa's lap lol. Great pics!