Friday, December 26, 2008

Riding the Bullet Train... or Amtrak

Today we rode Amtrak... though Deacon kept calling it the Bullet Train (any Choo Choo Soul fans here???). My mom and I thought Deacon would have fun riding the train and so we decided to get us all tickets and spend the afternoon shopping and doing lunch in Emeryville (bay area). I cannot even tell you how excited Deacon was... the entire way there he looked out the window and kept commenting on all the cool stuff that went by. He was THRILLED when Grandpa took him to the snack car to buy some orange juice... it was like the best orange juice he had ever tasted.

This was also Damien's first time ever riding Amtrak... he was big and brave just like Deacon.


Maggie said...

Chugga Chugga Posssshhhhh Chugga Chugga Ahhhhh...
All aboard the choo choo train, all aboard the choo choo train, all aboard choo choo train, all aboard all aboard.. choo choo!
Choo Choo Soul... With Genevieve!

Bullet train bullet train ah ah ah ah!

T- said...

Yes, we are huge Bullet Train fans. Choo Choo soul, too. *sigh*

I'm glad your boys got to enjoy that. Looks like great fun!

Samantha said...

Fun!! Way to be big and brave Damien!