Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ongoing Harvest

So, a couple of months ago, Amanda talked about wanting to redo some of our planting areas in the back yard to try this thing called square foot gardening she had read about (which is another blog post altogether).  I figured at the same time I'd work on our sprinklers since they never completely covered the yard and left some dry areas.  Anyway, at the time, our tomato plants were still producing fruit and some of our flower beds were still blooming, so I figured I'd put it off a bit (at which point I became distracted and that project completely slipped off the radar).

Anyway, I'm out in the back yard tonight looking for plugs to run some of our Christmas lights from and I happen to notice our tomato and pepper plants have a few fruits.....  Now, as Amanda has said before, neither of us is much of a green thumb, but this is crazy:

And there's tons more still ripening. What's up with that?!? Don't these things die when it gets cold?


Unknown said...

THAT us a hoot!

They look good too.
How did they taste?

T- said...

Wow! They look delicious.