Friday, December 12, 2008

Note to self:

Do not make Christmas cut-out cookies with a 3 year old... ever.

I know some of you super moms can do it... or have been doing it for years since your child was old enough to smash a cookie cutter into the rolled out dough. But I'm not super mom... in fact, I'm probably the opposite, as my patience is GONE and one must have patience when making cut-out cookies with a 3 year old.

I hate rolling out cookie dough to begin with... I also hate how hard you have to work to get a great cut-out cookie transferred onto the cookie sheet. Add a toddler to the mix? Yeah, I did not have a good time.

I am horribly embarrassed to admit that at one point I got SO frustrated with the situation that I yelled at Deacon... I yelled at my 3 year old while making freaking Christmas cookies- and they're cookies we're decorating for him and his friends. We're not entering a baking contest or something!!! I told him he was ruining the cookies... how's that for mom of the year? Right after I said it I felt like shit and hugged him, apologized and just explained that I was frustrated... and of course he didn't care- he was just pleased as punch to be eating the frosting, smashing cookie dough and throwing flour everywhere.

The one good thing is that Deacon had a good time... and that kind of makes it all worth it.


Cate said...

Oh I have so been there. Glad to know I am not the only one who has no patience for children ruining cooking in the kitchen :)
Think your patience is think now, wait until baby Cooper is born. I now have negative patience. I start out in a deficit and it keeps getting worse and worse.
You are going to have to fight me for Mom of the Year, though.

Theresa said...

Don't worry Amanda, you are not the only one! I have stopped doing things like that with the kids b/c it just drives me crazy! LOL I still love to bake, so I shamfully admit that I will wait until the twins are napping and Maddie is in school so I can do it by myself! The picture is cute of the two of you. Glad you had fun!

Heather said...

awww well he looks like he had a wonderful time w/mom! Aiden would have had the flour everywhere lol. Kids take a lot of patience lol. ugh and GOD didn't give me enough of it lol.

Martha said...

I figure that you just don't use your patience with your children, and that you just store it all up for your grandchildren .....