Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve... and we like to take a lot of pictures

Damien and I both have always wanted to make Christmas Eve a big deal with our kids- so we decided that on Christmas Eve Deacon would open gifts from all out of town family and friends. So tonight we all loaded up into the car to look at Christmas lights and came home to a bunch of Christmas gifts! (While Damien and my dad loaded Deacon into the car my mom and I frantically got all the gifts out and under the tree)

The coolest part about it was that both Damien and Deacon were surprised- when Damien walked in the first thing he saw was his brand new bike and Deacon of course was excited about all the gifts he saw.

Deacon was SO excited about his remote control car from Grammy and Grumpy... he could hardly contain himself. He played with it all night and kept running into poor Milo with it. Thanks Grammy and Grumpy, LOL. After Deacon opened all his gifts he had another gift waiting for him up in his room- his new "Big boy" room- with a construction theme. He was so excited about this gift too... he didn't know what to do- hang out in his new room or play with his new drum or remote control car. Uncle Derek also go thim this wooden superhero ape toy that Deacon took a strong liking to- he kept kissing it goodnight and even tucked him in before bedtime.

After Deacon went to sleep we let Milo open most of his gifts... and he is SO good at opening up presents, it was really funny.

I can't wait to see Deacon's face tomorrow when he comes downstairs...

Seeing his big boy room for the first time

He loved all his new toys, but the bone was his absolute favorite

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T- said...

Great pictures. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Merry Christmas!