Sunday, December 28, 2008


Look at me kick my mommy in the rib cage!

Deacon has decided that our baby should be named "Bill." I have absolutely no clue where he came up with this name... I only know two beings named Bill (one human, one feline) and Deacon only knows the cat named Bill- and he doesn't even know the cat very well. So the other day when I asked him about baby names and he suggested "Bill" I was rather confused... strangely enough, he hasn't forgotten his suggestion either and keeps referring to his baby brother as "Bill" no matter how many times we tell him we do not plan on naming the child Bill. Though I will admit that I think it's funny and have come to calling the baby "Bill" every now and then when Deacon isn't around. Rest assured, however, the baby will not be named Bill.

So today we did the 3D ultrasound and it was SO amazing... we got some great pictures and I cannot get over how much this baby already resembles Deacon as an infant. Sure, they're brothers, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much... but I guess my hopes of having a child who resembles me more than Damien is thrown out the window. No-name/Bill has a large head just like his brother... measuring 4 weeks ahead. The big news is that he is now head down and appears to be solidly comfy in that position. He was adorable the entire time and it was great to watch him on the screen do what he does to me all day long... kick the rib cage, get stuck way down low, punch me, etc... at least everyone got to witness what I feel all day.

I am getting really excited to meet this little one... though I'm in disbelief that my due date is 10 weeks away!!!


Unknown said...

Fantastic shots!
Bill is adorable already!!
Can't wait to meet him!!!

T- said...

Bill is beautiful!

*Kelly* said...

Come on Bill is a good name :-P So blah and common why not name no-name Bill :-P :-P I love the 3-D pictures!

Abby said...

Hi Amanda and Damien! I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family and will be inspired to do the same when Brian and I have kids. I keep thinking about what a wonderful thing this (and your old) blog are for tracking Deacon's life! What an amazing baby book!? So I wanted to make sure that you knew about this site, and saved all of your hard work into a permanent format. So cool!
Take it easy and keep up the great work!!

Unknown said...

What a cute baby!!!!

Theresa said...

Wow, AMAZING!!!!

Cate said...

Looks so much like Deacon!