Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby update!

Today I had an ultrasound to check on my placenta and gallbladder.

Good news first- placenta looks "great" (though the u/s tech said I didn't hear that from her... since the techs aren't allowed to talk about anything diagnostic). Baby was adorable as always- I never get tired of seeing that little alien looking thing in my stomach :) He's incredibly active... has been for over a month now- and today was no different. The tech had a good 20 minutes or so of him being good and still but then he woke up and she had to really work hard to get any good pictures of him. Baby no-name LOVES to kick me as hard as he can so it was rather entertaining to at least watch him do it and feel it at the same time. He's measuring right on time... another exciting bit of news for us since Deacon was always measuring about 3-4 weeks ahead. I'll be more than happy to give birth to a non-9 lb baby this time around.

So in other news- my gallbladder. For this ultrasound she did a scan of my entire abdomen which was really interesting. Well, she was much more quiet for this scan than she was for the ob scan... and then when she was taking pictures of my gallbladder she was REALLY quiet, LOL. The pictures of my gallbladder seemed weird to me and there appeared to me a big mass inside of it- but obviously I have no clue so I finally asked if what I was seeing was normal. Her response was that she wasn't allowed to tell me anything diagnostic, but a simple search on google would fill me in pretty quickly. LOL. Needless to say Dr. Google helped a lot and my u/s pictures look exactly like the pictures of everyone else who has a fair amount of gallstones.

There isn't anything that they can really do at this point for gallstones. Thankfully I don't have attacks too frequently... in fact the last one I had was December 1. I found a blog of a woman who had a pretty bad gallbladder experience and she explained things really well here if you're interested in hearing what a gallbladder attack is like. I'm really hoping that things stay manageable for me... I'm due March 13, so a little less than 3 months to go!!!

The baby still doesn't have a name and I'm more and more ok with that. I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable... I'm at that point in the pregnancy where I realize that I have quite some time to go but I'm really wishing it was 2 weeks away just so I wouldn't have to be pregnant anymore. I love feeling him move around, but most of the time he takes it to the extreme... he's very active and rarely sleeps. His kicking and movements are always really strong and rarely just a little flutter and he loves to get stuck really low in my belly and really high in my rib cage... either way I have a difficult time walking or functioning when he does it.

I honestly can't complain too much though... I might be uncomfortable, but I'm healthy. I'm working out 3-4 days a week again and feel great about that. Baby loves when I'm at the gym and usually spends the entire time bouncing along with me on the elliptical or while I'm lifting weights- kicking as hard as he can when I put any pressure on him, LOL.

We'll be doing the 3D u/s in the next few weeks and so I'll post some pictures of him then.


T- said...

I'm so glad everything looked great with the little one! I hope that you don't have anymore attacks from gallstones!

Unknown said...

YEAH for seeing sweet baby!!!

Heather said...

that's great. I hope your gallstones don't cause too much more problems for you! Belly rubs....

*lmao the word verification said hookero!!! hahahahahaha