Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis the season!

I love the holiday season... starting with Halloween, through Thanksgiving and on to my favorite holiday of the year- Christmas. I don't love the greed and the expected privileges that come with Christmas though... and you don't really get that with any of the other holidays except this one. For the past month or so I've been really bothered with how much the true meaning of Christmas has been lost. I'm fully aware that I don't always keep the focus where it needs to be... I get really caught up in making sure Deacon has the best Christmas ever and gets the most amazing gifts he could imagine. I love buying gifts for people and love getting gifts too... and this year I am relatively disgusted with myself that most of my Christmas focus is on one thing: gifts. I've never thought it was a big deal because at least I was focusing on GIVING gifts... but it's still focusing on materialistic things.

But anyways, I love Christmas and the weekend after Thanksgiving marks the time that we break out the Christmas tree and decorations- which I can honestly say is my favorite part of the entire season. I love spending the day decorating the house and tree- Christmas music playing in the background (yes, I'm THAT into it).

Deacon was so excited about decorating the Christmas tree. We started off our day at Hallmark to get our new ornaments that go in our series and while we were there we bought Deacon his first snow globe (he's been asking for one for ages). Sadly, he dropped his precious little snow globe on the concrete right as he was getting in the car... I almost cried with him, it was so sad. He was heartbroken. Thankfully Damien saved the day and went and got him a new one almost immediately. He was so protective of that snow globe the rest of the day. He did so well putting up the decorations on the tree- he did it so carefully and every ornament was placed on the tree quite intentionally. The rest of the evening I kept finding him just sitting in front of the tree staring at his ornaments... it was all so magical to him.

So I hope the start of the holiday season has been a good one for all of you... please feel free to share your family traditions for the holiday season- I love hearing how other families celebrate.

On an entirely different, non-holiday, related note... did any of you ever have bad gallbladder issues when you were pregnant? I'm desperate here- I've had 4 attacks in the past 24 hours and I'm starting to lose my sanity with how much pain I'm in. I'm just looking for any advice at this point... I know there's not much that my doctor can do for me being 25 weeks pregnant, but I don't know what I'm going to do if this continues like this! I'm praying this was just a bad 24 hours and that things will go away for a while... I've felt good for the past 6 hours so that's a start. Anyways, let me know if you have any advice...


T- said...

I can't wait to get our tree! We were supposed to do it this weekend, too, but illness has complicated things!

The pix are great.

And call your dr about the gallbladder issues, that's nothing to play around with!

Unknown said...

Same here...but the weather isn't cooperating here.

LOVE the header picture!!

And I've heard of MANY pregnancy + gallbladder issues.

Anonymous said...

don't mean to scare you but gallbladder issues and appendicitis go hand in hand with pregnancy sometimes. I had to have my appendix out when Mak was only two weeks old! It was sheer torture since I was JUST healing from the section~ anyhow, don't let it go! Keep us posted!!!

Cate said...

Yes, I have had gb issues while pg. An acquaintance had to have hers out while pg. In fact, I think she was probably about as far along as you are now. They put her under general anesthesia and it worked out fine. I agree that you should see your dr. if it gets worse. They say that pg is usually the first trigger in a young woman if it is going to go early. I am really surprised that mine hasn't gone bad yet because I endured some bad times with my gb while pg with W.