Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stay at home mom for the week...

... well, ok, 3 days. LOL.

Deacon didn't have school this week and since Damien hasn't really built up a lot of vacation quite yet, I took the week off! Every other year Damien and I have split the week, so this was a first for me and Deacon. I was really nervous at first because we didn't really have anything planned... and it didn't help that within an hour of waking up on Monday he sadly proclaimed that he was bored and wanted to go see his friends at school.

Monday morning we went to Davis to eat lunch with daddy- and that was a lot of fun. When he woke up from his nap he watched the Transformers cartoon for the first time ever. This was a HUGE deal. I am very against toy guns, pretend fighting, pretend violence in general, etc... but I've quickly learned that with the things he loves, it's pretty much unavoidable. He's going to see it on t.v. or see it at school- at least if he sees it at our house I'm able to choose what he watches and talk to him about how "that's not nice, is it?" when something comes on that I don't like. I'm able to control what comes into our house in regards to toys- no toy guns for example... and that's really hard to do when he wants to play with super hero toys- all the super heroes come with a weapon of some sort. Anyways- he loved the Transformers cartoons... a lot.

On Tuesday, Cate, Angus and Waverly came over to play... Deacon was SO excited to have a friend over. He and Angus did a great job playing together- and the best part was that for most of the time they played upstairs while Cate and I just hung out downstairs... ah, the joys of older (well behaved) kids.

Today I dropped Deacon off at Kids Park (drop-off daycare) so I could run some errands in peace... plus he asked if he could go play with friends today so this was a good compromise, LOL. I met Dawn (and Aiden & Allison) at Wal Mart so we could scope out our plan of attack for Black Friday... which is an entirely different post :)

After naptime Deacon and I watched Wall*E - which was SO cute. He sat through the entire thing... it was such a nice afternoon- snuggled up on the couch with Milo and Deacon. Deacon and I ran to the store around 4 p.m. for some salad supplies for tomorrow- and I assumed it would be crowded, but nothing prepared me for the chaos inside Safeway. I figured there would be a bunch of people there getting last minute supplies- oh no, the majority of people were there getting HUGE cart FULLS of food and supplies. Deacon and I had the smallest cart I saw- and we had about 1o items. Crazy. As a prize for being SO good at the store and all week we made brownies tonight- YUM. Deacon LOVES to lick the spoon... so much so that he got stuffed on that and ended up not even wanting brownies, LOL.

So that's my 3 day week as a stay at home mom :) Much more successful and laid back than I originally thought it was going to be... However, I will continue to give SAHM's my utmost respect- I told Damien tonight that I am more exhausted than I have been in a long time... and that I'm ready to get back to work to get a break, LOL.

(... and until I had to deal with it all day by myself, I never realized how every.single.time I get on the phone Deacon NEEDS my attention IMMEDIATELY. That was annoying)

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