Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sleepy boys

Deacon spent the ENTIRE day at home relaxing... he was given the option to go to out many times but he refused when we told him he'd have to put clothes on, LOL. But it makes sense that he wanted to lay low- yesterday was so overstimulating and then today he woke up at 4:50 ready for the day.

Needless to say, we're all exhausted...

For work today I went to a motivational conference for community college students- the program is geared towards Latin@ students but anyone is welcome. As many of you know me, I cry easily to begin with... but put me in a situation where someone is empowering him or herself and I'm going to lose it. During the keynote speakers address I was sitting at my table with tears running down my face the entire time... not because his story was sad, but because of how empowered he was and how motivational he was to these kids. He talked about life growing up- and I sat there and thought about all the things I took for granted as a child... and all these kids in the room related to HIM and not me- and they were proud of it. They were proud of what they had gone through to get to this point in their life- their experiences weren't viewed as hardships... whereas I hear their stories and my mind immediately went to "hardship"- it was a GREAT message for me to not assume.

Anyways... My favorite part of his talk came when he was talking about what motivates us- and he started talking about getting out to vote- which got a huge cheer. And then he put up a picture of Obama... and it was as if he just told the crowd they had each won a new car. He got a standing ovation immediately... it was amazing and so neat. He talked a bit about politics and I couldn't stop thinking about Deacon during this talk... I want Deacon to grow up in a country where he has rights no matter who he chooses to love... I want him to get an education no matter if Damien and I can or cannot afford it... I want him to always have access to health care... I want the world for him.

It was a great conference, and despite the fact that I've got a horrible head cold, I was able to sit back and learn a lot today.