Sunday, November 30, 2008


Slowly but surely I'm letting Deacon watch more and more non-PBS kids/Playhouse Disney type movies... things like Transformers, Hot Wheels, etc... Mainly because they're great "rewards" for good behavior and keep him better occupied than the Backyardigans now a days. Don't get me wrong, he still loves his shows on Sprout, Noggin, and Playhouse Disney... but he goes wild over the race car, superhero and "big kid" shows. The other day we were at Blockbuster and he wanted to rent 101 Dalmations- and I was pretty excited thinking it might be less "intense" than the other new movies we've been watching. Boy, was I wrong... those old school Disney movies have some pretty intense scenes and not so great language (by a 3 year olds standards, mind you). Deacon now goes around telling me that it's "not nice to hit cats over the head with bottles." - which makes me laugh every time.

Anyways, we took Deacon to see "Bolt" today with the Harrigan's... I don't know who enjoyed it more- me or him. At one point I was crying I was laughing so hard- it was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Deacon really enjoyed it too- though the fire scene was kinda scary. The rest of the day he asked kept asking me if Milo knew how to talk and fly... and I'm not quite sure why he kept asking... as if we've been keeping Milo's super powers a secret from him all this time and he's just never noticed.

After naptime Damien and Deacon put up some lights outside the house... not too successfully- as only half the lights worked... which really upset Deacon that the lights weren't working. I really hate those temper tantrums- they're the epitome of brattiness in my opinion. Here we are trying to do something fun and nice and he's having a panic attack over something we cannot control. Times like that I want to throw L&L parenting out the window and throw him in time out for being un-appreciative... which I know would work wonders, huh? Anyways, after that crisis was averted we had a good rest of the evening and will be fixing the light issue tomorrow night :)


Unknown said...

I SO want to see BOLT!

T- said...

I want to see BOLT, too! I know the wutz wouldn't sit through it, though.

(Love the new layout - as you can guess!)