Monday, November 3, 2008

Me & Baby - 21ish weeks

I'm still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I've got a growing belly... after months of trying to lose my belly, and years of trying not to draw attention to my belly- it's hard to take a picture and post it like this. But it's important to me since I have only one belly shot of me pregnant with Deacon.

So here's me and baby at 21ish weeks! He's doing well and has been kicking up a storm lately. I love feeling all that movement- it makes me laugh almost everytime he does it. Most of the time he does it when I'm wearing my non-maternity pants that are too tight around my tummy... and then I just reassure him that I'm uncomfortable too.

I've still got the low lying placenta- but I'm not worried about it... my doctor is fairly confident it will move by the time March rolls around. If it doesn't, it means c-section... which isn't great news, but it doesn't concern me.

Baby still doesn't have a name... I wish we could say it's narrowed down to Asher and Max- but somehow we've got more names now than ever, LOL... and I think I'm mostly to blame- ok, I'm all to blame. Here's what we've got so far- and we are VERY open to suggestions:

- I'm still having a hard time saying it... I know everyone loves it, but it still hasn't "clicked"

Max - though Max, unfortunately, is slowly fading off my list because I feel like it sounds like the family dog when you pair it with all our names... Damien, Amanda, Deacon & Max

Cole - probably one of my favorites right now... Damien isn't as convinced quite yet. His full name would be Arthur Cole Eversmann- so his initials would be ACE- which is a cool nickname too. He would not be called Arthur, but Arthur Cole flows much better than Cole Arthur.

Jacob - I know it's super super popular, but I really like it... as does everyone else I guess.

Levi - Cate suggested this one and I really like it... just not 100% sold.

Eli - a favorite of my mother & father in law... cute, but Eli Arthur Eversmann?- does it really work?

Xavier - though Xavier Arthur Eversmann sounds funky to me... and I *hate* that it's a name that will be mispronounced... it's pronounced Zavier, not Ex-Zavier (you don't say ex-zylophone do you?). Can you tell this is something we hate? LOL.

(edited to add) Cooper - I forgot about this one... I like this one, as does Damien, but we think Cooper Arthur Eversmann might be a mouthful.



Cate said...

I don't like Max much, honestly. What happened to Cooper?
Augustus (Nickname Auggie is so freakin cute)
Have you tried yet?

*Kelly* said...

Okay I think Cate has just made it alittle more difficult! I love COLE!! and Montgomery is really cute too!! Have fun deciding :-P

Unknown said...

You look FANTASTIC!!

I LOVE Cole.

jessstephkylesmom said...

you look adorable! You're all belly!

Sharon said...

Hi there :)
I just came upon your blog today. Congratulations on the pregnancy. Our family was just blessed with a new baby girl (my niece). All of your name choices are very nice. It is stressful trying to make the right choice, isn't it. Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hello and have a blessed day!

Spicy Green Mango said...

Take these pictures've only got this belly for 9 months of your enjoy it!

BTW:What a CUTE family header picture of you and your 2 men at the pumpkin patch!

Melanie said...

First of all - LOVE the belly shot! You look fab. Second of all, I love the name Cole! They are all great names, though. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. :)