Saturday, November 29, 2008

Homemade Christmas

I have a goal to home-make a lot of my Christmas gifts this year... especially to my friends and all of Deacon's teachers.

Most people are getting a copy of my recipe binder which, in my not so humble opinion, is really cool and full of great recipes. Damien, my parents and Deacon are getting home-sewn pajamas... and they WILL wear them on Christmas Eve and act like they are wearing the most amazing pajamas EVER.

Deacon's teachers are all getting a tin full of Christmas goodies... and I'm REALLY excited about this one because I love baking- but I've never really taken the time to try new recipes and challenge myself. So I really want to make a wide variety of treats and I've been searching recipe sites and blogs in an attempt to find the best recipes.

If any of you have any great recipe sites or blogs (beyond All Recipes and Recipe Zaar) please let me know... and if you have an awesome recipe that I should try, tell me that too. I'm open to anything!


T- said...

Check out my oatmeal cookie recipe that is in my blog. (Look under the Food tags) If you can't find it, lemme know and I'll send it to you. It is the best freaking oatmeal cookie recipe ever!

Cate said...

cookie madness is friggin awesome. Anything from her top ten lists is good