Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Trying to get 2 overly hyper boys to sit still for a picture is NOT easy)

We've had a great day... but now that the day is over and Deacon hasn't napped my patience has dwindled and I'm no longer feeling as thankful as I was a few hours ago. Right as I thought my patience was at an ultimate low, I asked Deacon what he was thankful for, to which he said his "wall-e and go diego games"- I asked if he was thankful for anything else and he said "no." Well, the night didn't get any better as bathtime ended and he threw a major fit over his Hot Wheels movie (which he knows he's not allowed to watch at night).

It's times like this when I'm not really thinking too much about giving thanks... but I guess it's times like this when I should make myself think about all the amazing things in my life.

Today was so nice and so low key. I love that every Thanksgiving that we've lived out here Damien and I have always felt so welcomed by friends of ours- and this year was no different. We went over to Cate's house this morning and had Thanksgiving lunch- just our family, Cate's family (husband & two kids) and Cate's dad and girlfriend. Deacon had a great time playing with Angus as always. The food was terrific and we had such a nice time just hanging out all afternoon.

I am so thankful for my family... I'm specifically talking about my parents and in-laws. I know how hard it is on them with us living out here- we miss them terribly and I know they wish they could see their grandchild (and us, I guess, LOL) more often... but they've never made us feel bad about our decisions to live in California. They have always been supportive of my many job changes... even when it means moving a million times.

It goes without saying that my California friends are some of the most amazing and supportive women I have ever met- and their husbands are pretty amazing too (most of the time, LOL). I couldn't ask for a better group of families to surround myself and my family with...

My friends from back home to me mean more than words can express... I miss them daily and have never been more thankful for things like email, facebook, blogs, etc, than I am now that we all live so far apart. I'm pretty addicted to the internet- but it's in part due to the fact that it allows me to be so connected to my friends.

I have never been one to be thankful for simple things like where I live or my job... but in this economy I have learned to no longer take these things for granted. I am SO thankful for my job and SO thankful for our house. Not only do I have a job that pays well, but I have a job that I love- that pays me to do something that I love... it amazes me almost daily lately. I have wonderful benefits and tons of flexibility.

... and lastly, I am so thankful for my favorite 4 boys- Damien, Deacon, Milo and this new baby. I have never loved anyone more in my entire life. They make me so happy... so so happy. My life feels absolutely chaotic most of the time because of these 4 boys... but it's all so worth it. (and I say this as Milo is whining at my feet... Deacon is in his room screaming for hot milk and baby no name has just now stopped kicking my bladder)

(oh, and I'm thankful for Dawn... who is willing to celebrate Black Friday with me the right way)

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Cate said...

Thanks for coming! Glad you guys had a good time. Hopefully we can do this again next year