Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Allison sleeping, LOL

I just love the differences between the two looks I'm getting here...

As we have done every other year we've been together, my friends and I got together for our Thanksgiving dinner. It's the one time of year we get all the husbands and kids together- we try really hard to pick a date that everyone can be there, and almost every year we end up only missing one family- which is great when you're trying to rally that many people!

Well this year was very peculiar because one of the people missing was Lisa- but we had the party at her house! Well, doesn't her husband win husband of the year? Lisa is in Singapore and Greg graciously agreed to hosting the party because with such a big group our options are very limited. Greg was a great host!

As always, we have so much to be thankful for this year... when we started our group we had no kids- and slowly but surely there were more and more babies. Now there are 18 kids total (I think, LOL- plus two on the way). I love these women more than I can even begin to describe- I can't imagine them not being such a big part of my life. Our kids have so much fun together and the husbands aren't too bad either :)

Tonight was amazing- the kids were SO well behaved... so well behaved in fact that half the time I forgot Deacon was even there. Ahh, a relaxing dinner with no interruptions- wonderful. A relaxing dinner with no interruptions and political discussions to boot- heaven, LOL. It was a great night overall. The food was great! Damien and I were in charge of the stuffing and turkey... however, the stuffing ended up being a huge group effort, so thanks to Dawn, Joline & Jennifer for helping me turn my bread soup into stuffing, LOL. The turkey turned out good I thought- but turkey is one thing that I'm not too picky about :)

Unfortunately I brought my fixed lens so I didn't get any pictures of the whole group... but got some cute ones. I like the one of Damien on the floor of the play room- he was supposed to be cleaning the play room but got distracted by the fun toys.


Unknown said...

LOL! Fun! Great pictures!

Theresa said...

We had so much fun, didn't we? I am so thankful for all of you!!!!! Are kids are just gorgeous!

Unknown said...