Sunday, November 9, 2008

Future underwear model

Deacon has outgrown all his underwear so I went to Target the other day and got him 10 new pairs. Damien and I finally got around to doing laundry today and Deacon saw the pile of new underwear- you would have thought he had died and gone to heaven. I have NEVER seen someone get so excited about underwear. We laid out all the underwear so he could choose which he would wear to school tomorrow- and he to try on a couple before he decided on the Spiderman boxer briefs (had chose from Spiderman, Madagascar & Star Wars- all very tough competitors).

After seeing the underwear he saw the new Spiderman hat he got and he was equally as excited. I am so excited for Christmas this year- if underwear and hats get him this happy then Christmas day will be the best day ever.

Before bathtime I put him on the bed to take his picture with his new underwear and hat- and he was such a ham. He wanted to do his hip hop dance (scratch the record and rapping- along with the "mean hip hop face")- which is SO funny.


Unknown said...

OMG! That 3rd picture is priceless!

Theresa said...

He is so dang cute! Maybe he will be an underwear model when he grows up!

jessstephkylesmom said...

I was just at Target..I didn't think to look for spiderman boxer briefs. I didn't know they had those!!

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA is all I have to say!!