Saturday, November 15, 2008

From 1 to 3

So last night Damien and I agreed to watch Aiden and Allison while Dawn and Cory went to a Kings game... the kids came to our house around 6:30- which is right around the start of bedtime routine for Deacon. Well, let me tell you, Deacon was SO excited to have Aiden over at his house so late at night he could hardly settle down. Considering that we normally only put one child to bed, I'd say Damien and I were very successful in keeping all 3 kids happy most of the time (I had some problems with Allison when she realized I would not be breastfeeding her at bedtime) and by the time Cory and Dawn got back we had 2 of the 3 children sleeping... Aiden was just laying in his bed quietly (which is fine with me!).

I took this opportunity to try some of the cloth diapers on Allison- and they were SO cute. I think the funniest thing was because she's so big she hardly fit into the diapers- even the biggest ones I have on the largest setting. But I couldn't get over how cute she looked. I wish I had a picture from the front, but my camera was cooperating... but I think the one I got was super cute anyways.

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Unknown said...

OKay that is the cutest pudgy baby ever!!!!