Saturday, November 1, 2008

Deacon's First Real Municipal Bus Ride

So, I'm not as quick as Amanda at getting the posts out.  Nor am I as prolific a poster.  But I do manage to get a few out there every now and then and I'd like to think they're decent.
Earlier this week, Marty/Grandma decided that it would be fun to take Deacon for a bus ride.  Unfortunately with Amanda's hecka crazy travel schedule for work and the fact that I need a car on a daily basis now too, made it a little difficult to schedule such an outing.  So, Thursday, before I left for work, at 7:30 in the morning, I dropped Deacon and Grandma off at the bus stop.  They got on the bus and rode 20 minutes to the local library where Amanda was waiting to take Deacon to daycare and Marty home before she left town.

Well, Deacon loved it!  He was in awe of the new perspective he had of everything.  We never think about it, but from the confines of his car seat, he really can;t see much when we're driving around.  Marty said the first thing he did was talk about how cool the sidewalk was.  Sure, he talked about more interesting things later, but it started with the sidewalk.

I guess we have to get him out a little more often.

That little grey blur in the middle of the picture is Deacon boarding the bus.  Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures... unlike Amanda who keeps a 6 megapixel DSLR camera attached to herself at all times, all I had was my phone and the grey dawn for lighting.