Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I'm definitely not above bribery... in fact, I think it is a very useful parenting tool.

Last night we decided to join Karla, Ron and Taylor at the IMAX for a viewing of Madagascar II (aka "The Lion Movie"). Deacon LOVES the Lion Movie... it is one of his absolute favorites and we have nearly worn that DVD down completely with how much we watch it. He's been talking about the new Lion Movie for weeks now so I *knew* he would love it... though I did have my doubts about how he would do at the IMAX. Well, I should have followed my mommy-gut and just stuck to the regular movies... but instead I loaded Damien and Deacon up into the car and drove 40 minutes to El Dorado Hills to the IMAX. The minute we walked into the theater he FLIPPED OUT. Seriously had a panic attack. To make a LONG story short, we ended up just leaving and getting our money back... he was so upset. We left and went to dinner- and it was then that I realized he wasn't feeling well... low grade fever and allergy issues. Poor thing.

So I decided today we should try to go back to the movies... not the IMAX. Needless to say he was still traumatized from the night before that he wanted nothing to do with the Lion Movie- until I bribed him. I told him he could go pick out a new Hot Wheels toy if he was brave enough to sit through the movie... and he fell for it!

He LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie... laughed the ENTIRE time- even the parts where it wasn't funny. When it was over he wanted to watch it again... until we reminded him that we were going to go get him a new toy. He choose a 5 pack of Nickelodeon themed cars- Dora, Diego, Blues Clues, Backyardigans and something else...

Yay for bribery!


Unknown said...

I totally agree!
Glad that it worked and that he loved the movie.

Cate said...

What did he freak out about? Too loud?