Sunday, October 5, 2008

What does it take to get something done around here???

... well now I know the answer to that question. I convince my parents to DRIVE out to California from Ohio and then I create a lengthy "to do" list that makes everyone think I'm being too bossy (or bitchy... depending on who you talk to and how annoyed they are at me at the time)- all while reminding everyone around me that I've been asking for these things to be done for almost a year now.

Long story short- we got SO much accomplished in the amount of time that both my mom and dad have been here. They drove here last Monday so that my dad would be able to drive the car back to Ohio with a car load of stuff we don't need here anymore (but stuff we really want to keep)- my parents are absolute angels for keeping so much for our stuff in their basement (my in-laws also deserve some shout outs here for storing Damien's countless star-wars toys and other random things he refuses to throw away). You see, when my Grandpa died I was given two pieces of gorgeous furniture that we no longer have room for now that Asher is on his way... and I don't want to store those dressers in the garage for fear of flooding. Anyways, I'm so happy my dad agreed to my plan- and I really appreciate him driving out here and back.

So since my dad was here and I'm unable to lift anything I knew we needed to really take advantage of him being here... so that lengthy to-do list that I spoke of earlier was really a huge list of manual labor for my dad and Damien. The biggest project was to organize the garage- which was an absolute disaster area where we just threw everything that didn't fit in our house. So my dad went out and bought us these great shelves and all of us spent a great deal of time doing all of the following: putting stuff on shelves, throwing stuff away we didn't want, taking 3 car loads of stuff to Goodwill, listing a bunch of stuff on craigslist, etc...

Long story a bit shorter, by the time my dad left today we had accomplished so much... it's been a little less than a week and we did what should have taken months- it's no wonder we're all exhausted (and Damien and my dad are sick of my plans).

Deacon loved having his Grandpa here... and mommy and daddy loved it too- Grandpa gets up super early so when Deacon gets up super early we get to sleep in!

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