Friday, October 3, 2008

New jammies... and RAIN!

I am so excited that it actually RAINED today. Wow. Our last measurable amount of rain was in May- so this is so exciting to me! I love the rain. Rain means it's cold enough to break out the warmer jammies too... but when I was looking for them the other day (knowing it would be getting cold soon) I realized Deacon had no jammies that fit him! So today my mom and I went to the store and bought Deacon tons of new jammies- and he was so excited about them all! I had no clue a 3 year old could be so excited about new clothes.

Other than being excited about new clothes Deacon has been a royal pain this evening... I'm not sure if it's the weather change, the fact that it's Friday night, or that he's just been overly excited with Grandma and Grandpa here- but he is a hot mess. Everything results in a temper tantrum tonight. Everything. He was throwing a temper tantrum at one point and was spitting on the floor in the process- to which I asked him politely not to do that anymore... which of course caused an even bigger tantrum. The worst part about his tantrums (and he's going to KILL me someday for publicizing this)- is that when he's mad he grabs his penis and tugs on it so hard. Reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross' mom talks about how Ross used to tug at his testicles (HA!). I swear the thing is going to fall off someday... though Damien assures me it's stuck on there pretty tight. Let's hope.

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Unknown said...

Tucker has the same jammies!