Sunday, October 12, 2008

The most photographed trip to a pumpkin patch...

"Seriously mom? Pictures THIS early? I just want to ride the train!"


Deacon said, "Mommy, I strong... I can lift this one"

Taylor helping Deacon... I'm sure you know how far they got with their efforts.

So today we went to Bishops Pumpkin Farm. We've gone every year since we've lived in Sacramento- it's a great pumpkin patch. Every year we take Deacon's picture with the same pumpkin thing that says "Bishops Pumpkin Farm."- he'll appreciate this someday. I hope. Taylor and family came with us again this year and as always Deacon has more fun when a friend is around... the two ran around all morning and hardly found time to stop for lunch. So enjoy the pictures- I'm sure I'll be posting the carving of the pumpkins later on tonight!