Friday, October 31, 2008


I really didn't have high hopes this year for Halloween... well, I originally did, but as the week progressed and I saw the weather forecast of rain I got worried. We had planned to go do ToT'ing with Ms. Tanier and her family tonight- but when we got home that plan changed quickly. Thankfully the rain had subsided so we knew we could at least go out- but Deacon was a wreck. He had been so overstimulated from the Halloween festivities at school that he was throwing fit after fit from the moment we got home. I decided almost immediately to cancel plans with Tanier and stay home- and this was the BEST decision I could have made.

I told Deacon we were going to stay home and do ToT'ing in our neighborhood instead of going out with Mason (Tanier's son) and he was fine with it- a sure sign the kid is exhausted. We hung out around the house until around 6:15- at which point he was SO excited to leave the house and go door to door. Damien and I took him out and decided we would go to about 10 houses and then come home. I could have never imagined that he would get this into it- but he was just thrilled. He'd run up to the door, bang on it, quickly get his bag in place and shout TRICK OR TREAT when the door would open. He would then shout THANK YOU, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and run to the next house. It was adorable.

After about 10 houses we came back and he didn't argue with that at all... but bedtime routine was a different story. He was completely overstimulated and overly tired- not good for a peaceful bedtime. Thankfully he went down pretty easily considering the circumstances :)

For the first time in 10 years Damien got to dress up for work to celebrate Halloween- and I came up with the idea of him going as Joe the Plumber. It was really funny and he got a lot of compliments at work.

So a nice Halloween- I'm so happy my mom was here to help us pass out candy and dress up as the witch... the neighborhood kids and families thought she was really cool.


Samantha said...

Happy Halloween!

Joe the Plumber... haha!

Unknown said...


Happy Halloween!