Saturday, October 11, 2008


Deacon insisted on having his picture taken with his pumpkins- and when I asked him to smile this is what he gave me :)

Birthdays have always been a pretty big deal in my family... ok, who am I kidding? They're a very big deal. We even have birthday weeks... but I think many of you already know this. For the past week or so I've been talking about Damien's birthday with Deacon- who is at a stage where he gets rather upset when it's someones birthday... he gets mad that it's not his own. So I knew we'd have to start talking about this early. He's very excited about helping plan out daddy's birthday cake, pick out daddy's present, etc... but for everything daddy gets, Deacon wants one too.

Anyways, this morning when Deacon woke up (at 5:30 a.m.) we went downstairs to decorate daddy's cake- Deacon decided that daddy needed a Spiderman cake. I did the web and Deacon did the Spiderman, the sprinkles and the M&Ms. He was so pleased with himself. When I finally gave him permission to wake up Damien and Grandma (at 8:15) he could hardly contain himself. Thankfully Damien was very excited about his Spiderman cake and I think he was even quite surprised as well :)

This morning we went to Panera for breakfast- Damien's choice... which I was REALLY excited about since they have those amazing Pink Ribbon bagels. After that we went to the Davis Farmers Market- which is my absolute favorite. We went for the first time last week and I fell in love. Deacon has fun because he plays in the park with Grandma while Damien and I shop for fresh fruits and veggies (and kettle corn).

This afternoon was just really relaxing... we got some stuff done around the house, sold a few things on craigslist and basically just took it easy- perfect! Deacon LOVED blowing out the candles with daddy after naptime and the cake was delicious- and made with 50% less sugar! For dinner Damien had requested Shepherds Pie- which also turned out really well.

So happy birthday Damien- we love you!!!


Martha said...

Yes, we love you, Damien!!!

Anonymous said...

And we love you, too!!! Happy Birthday!!! Mom & Dad

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Damien!! :)

{And, nice job on the cake!!}