Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party time!

I was SO excited when Deacon woke up today feeling well... he spent the majority of the day relaxing, so by the time the Halloween Party was starting I knew he was ok to go. He was really looking forward to this party... especially showing off his Power Ranger costume. Despite the mask making him sweat a great deal he did not care- he was so pleased with himself. When Aiden showed up as Batman they were both in awe of each other... at first. After Deacon put on his mask Aiden got scared of Deacon, LOL. Poor Batman. The rest of the party was a huge success- and the kids really had a great time. Deacon and Aiden found Ellie and Lauryn's dress up clothes and wanted to put them on- Aiden was very proud of his, and Deacon thought his dress was too tight. Deacon's tiara didn't fit his huge head either :( Poor kid and his big head. They both made very cute princesses.

Thanks to Lisa for suggesting that we do a group photo- I was impressed it turned out the way it did since most of the kids were getting tired by the end of the party. But this picture is every one of our kids minus Lexy (we missed you Joline!)- and while many of them don't look too pleased, it turned out well :) After about 10 pictures Morgan was DONE with it all, LOL- I love the look Deacon is giving her.


Samantha said...

How fun! The look on Deacon's face while wearing the dress is priceless! ;)

Unknown said...


That one baby has some rolls now...they need to feed that baby!

Stephanie said...

I love the boys wearing the dresses. So darn funny and good blackmail for later. ;)

Unknown said...

Such cute pictures and such cute kids!! All of them!!!