Sunday, October 12, 2008

The finished products

We spent the afternoon carving pumpkins and hanging out around the house- a perfect Sunday. Deacon took a 2.5 hour nap which is unheard of for him (he averages about an hour lately) and woke up in a terrific mood. The two little ones are Deacon and Asher's pumpkins. We had done Deacon's pumpkin with the smiley face and then we did Asher's- I decided to use the little marbles as eyes for Asher's pumpkin and Deacon got muy jealous and needed marbles in his pumpkin. After much debate we decided the best place for the marble would be on the forehead of the pumpkin, LOL. Damien and I decided to do more difficult kinds of pumpkins- we've never done anything beyond a smiley face with a nose and two eyes :) Mine is the cat and Damien's is the scary face thing.

Oh- and Deacon is still VERY unsure of pumpkin gunk. Last year he refused to even sit near me while I took the seeds and junk out of the pumpkin- this year he at least sat by me. He sat very far away from me though, LOL. He finally touched a pumpkin seed- but not willingly. And we took a huge leap when he agreed to help me pull the pieces out of the pumpkin when I made the eyes, nose, mouth, etc... Nonetheless, he was really excited about the finished products and could not stop looking at the pumpkins- he even went out to the porch just so he could look at the pumpkins some more :)


Samantha said...

Yay for more difficult designs! ;)

And I just ADORE the picture of Deacon staring at the pumpkins... I can't wait to see what he does with the Christmas tree!

Theresa said...

What great pumpkins! And what a fun way to spend your Sunday. :)

Unknown said...

Those are great!! LOL at being unsure of the gooey punkin guts!