Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camping in our loft

Grandma & Grandpa bought Deacon a bed tent- which he adores. I asked my mom to look into one for us because Asher is going to be taking up our guest room- so when guests come I was thinking Deacon would need to give up his room (he's got a trundle and his single bed) for guests... but I thought we should try and make it fun for him- so when he gives up his room he gets to sleep in his bed tent on the floor in our room. For now the bed tent is in our loft- and he LOVES it. When Grandma set it up he came upstairs and started getting excited that he was going camping- and he really wanted to roast marshmallows upstairs in his tent (we had to kind of explain that roasting marshmallows in that situation might not work well). He lays in his tent every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed while he's watching his t.v. shows... he takes his toys in there and just all around loves it... he loves it a little too much even- on top of being fun to have, it's also been the cause of quite a few temper tantrums when he doesn't want to leave the tent to go to bed or school.

On a different note, I had an ob appointment yesterday and got to hear Asher's strong heartbeat... doctor says everything looks good and once again took me off all my restrictions. Last time this happened I was put back on restrictions 2 days later, so while I'm enjoying myself, I'm also a bit guarded, LOL. I'm allowed to start going back to the gym- though after taking 2 months off it's a bit difficult to motivate myself.


Theresa said...

what a great idea! Where did your mom find the bed tent? Congrats on being off restricion... great news on the heart beat too!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE the bed tent!! My boys would love that! YEAH for restrictions being lifted...take it easy now!