Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's an action figure?

My conversation with my mom tonight:

Mom: Your dad and I want to bring a gift for Deacon, do you have any suggestions?

Me: Well, he's big into action figures and play-dough right now... so either will work.

Mom: What's an action figure?

Me: Seriously?

Mom: Yeah, how am I supposed to know what an action figure is?

Me: ok, um, It's kind of like a doll for boys...

Mom: (cuts me off) Like a Ken doll?

Me: No mom, like Spider man.

In other interesting conversations of the weekend... Dawn was telling me about a conversation Aiden had with his Grandma-

Grandma: How is your friend Deacon?

Aiden: He has a big head.


Martha said...

it is never attractive to make fun of senior citizens

Unknown said...