Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Popsicles and Banana Bread

Yum. Today I was in a baking mood... I made crockpot applesauce which was AMAZING (I got it off the 365 days of crockpot meals blog listed to the right of my posts) and then made banana bread and banana muffins tonight! Deacon wouldn't eat the applesauce because it was "black" (it was darker brown)- he says applesauce should be white. Ugh. The attack of the picky eater. Then tonight I made banana bread and muffins- and he LOVED the muffins. I was actually kind of shocked- as I type this he's eating his 3rd one. I'm not going to have any left! Thankfully one batch was able to make one large loaf pan, 12 muffins and 3 small loaf pans. It was a huge recipe and quite tasty. I cut down the sugar by 2/3- and used brown sugar, splenda and applesauce to supplement. YUM!

Deacon has also been big into popsicles lately... Milo got hooked on these when he was really sick when he was a baby. He had kennel cough and our vet said to get him to try and eat anything... and that dogs often times really liked popsicles. So we tried it and she was right- he ate TONS of popsicles the entire time. So ever since then he sees a popsicle and goes crazy. We can't give Deacon a popsicle and Milo... and it's always so funny to watch them both eat them.

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Unknown said...

Oh YUM!! I love the new look!!