Thursday, September 18, 2008


So as you can see below, Amanda has moved solidly into the nesting phase of her pregnancy. Unlike many of the others - morning sickness, round ligament pain, PPD - this is one of the good phases. It means she does more cleaning and organizing than usual.... But most of all, it means more cooking. Amanda is on a new recipe kick! She's written about her applesauce and banana bread (to some of which she added nuts for me)... but today was an event unto itself.

This afternoon as I was preparing to take Deacon to his dance class, Amanda says, "What sounds good for dinner?" Not having an immeiate answer, I passed up my chance, because she quickly says that chicken pot pie sounds good and starts finding a recipe and gathering ingredients. After a quick trip to Safeway to get the few ingredients she didn't have, I took off to watch the boy do his Hip-Hop thang. When we get back... the house smelled wonderful... and dinner was great!

... Oh how I wish "nesting" lasted longer!