Friday, September 19, 2008

Apple Hill

"See mommy! It's not scary!!!"

Clinging to Papa during the bumpy part

Tony sat by me and kept saying, "Take MY picture!"

Deacon and Papa

Watching them make chocolate caramel marshmallow desserts. YUM!

I thought this picture was SO cool!!! Deacon excited about apples

Today Deacon and his class went to Apple Hill- the best part about it was that Damien and I got to tag along too!!! Deacon was SO excited that we came with him- I have to really cherish these moments because I know that someday all too soon he's going to want nothing to do with his mommy coming on a field trip with him.

All the kids were so well behaved- I'm always so impressed when I'm in a group with all of them. Our guide was great and the kids loved the hay ride and really paid attention to everything their "teacher" (Mr. Albert) said. Deacon LOVED the hay ride, though was VERY scared of it at first when he saw it was being pulled by a tractor. He had to sit right by mommy and Papa (one of his teachers) to make him feel better.

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